Plans and Pricing


Multi-Page Website

4 Static Pages + 1 Blog Page
Commerce (Shopping Cart)
Powered by WordPress
(Domain registration, hosting provider, content, and support NOT included)


per month
Routine Content Updates
Daily Backups
24/7 Support
* Price reflects 36 month term contract. Other plans available. Cancel anytime.

Education Platform

Pay-Per Course/Student
Powered by AWS & Moodle

Frequently asked questions

Multi-Page Website & Support

What comes with the multi-page website?

You get your very own website powered by the most popular and easy to use site builder available, WordPress. It comes with a premium template and an abundance of  community support forums and how-to's.

We recommend signing up with our support plan to get you started so you can rest easy knowing we will be there to support you along the way. With the support plan you get:

• 5 free emails (A one-time setup fee applies for every 5 accounts.)
• 4 free blog entries per month (additional entries available)
• Discounted page updates
• Free SiteLock Monitoring
• Free SSL certificate
• Daily site-wide backups

In addition to all of these perks, you get a $100 credit to Google Adwords and your very own support representative with One Small Cat.

What happens to my multi-page website when my support plan expires?

Hosting is provided through a 3rd party vendor in your name. After your plan has expired, you can renew at the same plan/price, switch to a different plan, or you can choose not to renew. Should you decide not to renew, we will back everything up and send it to you in a compressed file. You get to keep everything.

Can I use my own host for my multi-page website?

Yes. We will just need to check with the host and make sure they have the technical capabilities our sites require. There will be a one-time convenience fee of $150 to set up your site on the host you choose.

How do you update my site's content?

We assign a representative to you so you develop a personal relationship with the person who is going to maintain your site. At that point, you just send an email to your rep and let us know what you want to have done. Everything from updating contact information to upcoming events and meetings.

Do you have different terms for the support plan?

  1 month   - $250 ($3,000/yr)
  6 months - $225/mo ($2,700/yr)
12 months - $200/mo ($2,400/yr)
24 months - $150/mo ($1,800/yr)

Can I cancel my support plan early?

Sure. We do this in one of two ways (whichever is least expensive to you). We either do a buyout, where you are responsible for whatever is left on your term, or we do a term-adjustment. In a term-adjustment, we charge what you would have paid if you had purchased a plan closer to your cancel date.

Say you signed up for a 6 month plan ($225/mo), but decide to cancel after 1 month. You would be responsible for the $25 left over (because we would have just adjusted your term to the 1 month plan of $250/mo).

What if I signed up for a 24 month plan ($150/mo) and want to cancel 18 months in? Well, in this case it would be cheaper for you to just buyout your term at $900.

Will you support a site I already have?

Yes. Under limited circumstances. This will need to be worked out in advance and you may incur additional fees depending on the complexity of your setup. The support plan will only include a One Small Cat representative (no host specific perks such as SSL or site-wide backups are included).

Education Platform

What does your education platform include?

Our 3rd party education platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services. We charge a base fee of $150/mo (usage rates apply) for platform maintenance. Note: This does not include setup costs, classes, students, and any additional features. Please contact us for a schedule of fees associated with hosting your own education platform.

Prefer a personal quote?

Often times, the situation is complicated. Feel free to reach out to us for a personal quote.